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Pool-side villa anyone? (Marjorcan Villas)

The biggest travel months for Brits are July and August. It may seem a little premature but this cold weather has us craving warm weather destinations – especially those where we can hobnob with Brits. It’s never too early to daydream!

Majorca (Mallorca), Spain

Pool-side villa anyone? (Marjorcan Villas)

British Visitors Per Year: 2 million (Mallorca); 12 million (Spain)
Location: Balearic Islands also made up of Minorca, Ibiza and Formentera
  Approx. 870,000
Climate: Islanders enjoy a typical Mediterranean climate of hot, dry summers and mild winters.
Where to stay: You can choose from a contained holiday resort with all of the amenities; a finca (converted farmhouses) in the countryside if you’re looking for something a little more unique; or, a villa which is both traditional and modern.
What’s there to do: Siesta! Late night tapas hopping, lazy beach days (200 to choose from), sailing, walking tours to take in the castles and monasteries.

For More Information Visit: BBC Travel Mallorca 

Limassol, Cyprus

Apartment-style rentals in Governor’s Beach. (CHR)

British Visitors Per Year: 1.3 million (Cyprus)
Location: Akrotiri Bay on the Southern coast of the island
Population: Approx. 100,000
Climate: The popular summer months see hot days and balmy nights while the winter months see mild days, chilly nights and moderate rainfall.
Where to stay: It’s common to live like a local and rent an apartment. But, if you’re in more of a social mood it may be best to stay in a hotel with other tourists. Unless … you’re planning on having a bash at your flat!
What’s there to do: Shopping! An all-year holiday destination with beaches and warm water (practically swimming temperature all year); sprawling outdoor cafes, flea-markets; and plenty of history to soak up; as well as winter skiing in the Troodos Mountains during the cooler months.

For More Information Visit: BBC Travel Cyprus 

Crete, Greece

Blue Palace Resort and Spa. (CNT)

British Visitors Per Year: 2 million (Greece)
Location: Greek Islands
Population: Approx. 620,000
Climate: Crete is housed in two climatic zones, the Mediterranean and North African with the climate being primarily temperate.
Where to stay: We’ve all seen those movies with tourists being carried up a narrow path by a donkey and led up to their villa. While this sounds romantic it’s may not be ideal. There are hotels and villas providing plenty of options just be sure to ask how far the walk is to the beach and the nearest transportation (with wheels).
What’s there to do: History! If you’re looking for more than lounging on the beach the archaeological and historical sites provide a stunning break from a sun-soaked day at the beach.

For More Information: BBC Travel Crete 

Istanbul, Turkey

The mix of old and new. (NTI)

British Visitors Per Year: 2.5 million (Turkey)
Location: Both Europe and Asia
Population: Approx. 13,500,000
Climate: Typically the weather in Istanbul is in most cases similar to the Marmara region which has a hybrid mediterranean/humid subtropical climate on the Aegean Sea coast and the south Marmara Sea coast, an oceanic climate on the Black Sea coast and a humid continental climate in the interior.
Where to stay: A palace of course! The Bosphorus Palace is located on the Asian side. It’s actually a stately house renovated into lodging but you’ll earn bragging rights being able to say you stayed in a “palace”.
What’s there to do: Plenty! You’ll be impressed with the centuries-old mosques and when it comes time for a sit-down you’ll be met with modern restaurants and nightclubs. It’s not Turkey if you don’t treat yourself to a hamman (traditional Turkish bath).

For More Information: BBC Travel Istanbul 

Orlando, Florida – United States

Can’t beat a palm tree lined holiday. (SPP)

British Visitors Per Year: 710,000 (Central Florida)
Central Florida 
Population: Approx. 238,000
Climate: It has two seasons: 1) hot and 2) dry.
Where to stay:  A hotel or resort is your best bet.
What’s there to do: Disney! It isn’t just for kids — there are restaurants and bars inside the park. There’s even an Irish pub called the Raglan Road Irish Pub and Restaurant. Orlando’s Wizarding World of Harry Potter attraction is for all ages. If (aghast) Disney World isn’t your thing you can hop on an airboat tour, head to SeaWorld, enjoy the beach or just sit and people watch. We actually found a Brit’s Guide to Orlando, you can just follow it yourself.

For More Information: BBC Travel Orlando 

Where are you going this summer!

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By Brigid Brown