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"I'm not a nipper. I'm a big boy."

With the royal baby on the way it may be helpful to brush up on some baffling British baby terms.

1) Nappy = diaper

“Do these shoes look okay with my nappy?” (

2) Cot = crib

“Mum, mum. Will you get me that cot I saw online?” (MindfulMum)

3) Flannel = washcloth

“Don’t leave home without your flannels.” (

4) Wind =  gas

“Oy! What was in that formula? I have some serious wind.” (BITOG)

5) Pram/Pushchair = carriage

“This pram is crackin’! All the other babies are going to be jelly beans.” (RA)

6) Dummy = pacifier

“Mum? Is there something on my face? No, really? What’s up with this dummy?” (Ebay)

7) Sprog = baby

“Nothing going on here. Just some sprogs sitting around a laptop.” (LJ)

8) Grizzle = fussy

“I don’t mean to get grizzly but are you sure these are parsnips?” (BFC)

9) Wean (Scottish) = child

“It’s really embarrassing when another wean shows up wearing a kilt.” (NameBerry)

10) Nipper = baby

“Oy! I’m not a nipper. I’m a big boy.” (BuzzFeed)

 Alright, so you got that? 

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By Brigid Brown