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The Duchess Diary's Kelly Lynch on L.A. local TV.
‘The Duchess Diary’s Kelly Lynch on local TV in Los Angeles last week.

Our friend, The Duchess Diary’s Kelly Lynch was, understandably, everywhere last week – and one place that nobody expected.

As Socialite Life’s royal expert – with a special interest in all things Kate – she says she’s been on baby watch since the royal wedding. So when the blessed event was finally announced, she was thrown into high gear for her own website. She speculated about possible baby fashions for the royal offspring and even invited her own mom on her web show to talk about the morning sickness she endured during her three pregnancies.

Kelly was also in heavy demand from other media outlets that needed to interview experienced royal observers.

Now, as anyone who watches the Duchess Diary knows, Kelly is *not* a slow talker. But when she was being interviewed by one local Los Angeles TV station, a technical glitch took her speed way down, making her sound more like 16rpm. In fact, within mere seconds, the audio malfunction caused her voice to go from drawl to crawl to stall. And that piqued the interest of Talk Soup.

It turned out the battery on her microphone was dying, which is, Kelly later wrote, what “led to me sounding like Dori from Finding Nemo.

For those of you who want to hear what Kelly was like on the news at the proper speed, take a look at this:

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By Paul Hechinger