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Wow! (Photo via FHM)
“That’s the exit?” (Photo via FHM)

The Tube and train system in London are so convenient and easy to navigate but at the same time those towering escalators are frightful. Network Rail has released video footage of embarrassing falls at railway stations, reports the UK Independent. The videos have been released under the premise of promoting safety awareness over the holidays.

If you have ever faced one of those three-story high escalators you may have thought to yourself, “What if I fell?” Well, in one case a woman did. She didn’t fall down the elevator, which wouldn’t be too funny, but instead she fell up. She lost her footing at the bottom of the escalator, her shoe became stuck, she was carried up to the top struggling to maintain her composure.

CCTV Embarrassing Falls at Railway Stations

Yes, yes, we all agree that it’s not funny if someone is hurt. But, if you witness a tumble – learn the person is okay – it’s difficult not to laugh. You have to laugh if it’s you – it may just be the unexpectedness or relief that brings on the eruption of giggles.

We must remember … there are security cameras almost everywhere so ultimately someone may have seen your fall unbeknownst to your knowledge. In this case, it was released in the form of a Public Service Announcement.

Have you ever taken a laughable spill lately?

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By Brigid Brown