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Bill Murray, seated, playing FDR, welcoming Olivia Coleman, as Queen, and Samuel West, as King George, in 'Hyde Park on Hudson.' (Focus Features)


The real: (From left to right) Eleanor Roosevelt, King George VI, Sarah Delano Roosevelt (FDR’s mother), Queen Elizabeth and FDR at Hyde Park, New York, June 19, 1939. (AP Photo)
King George VI’s visit to the U.S. to meet FDR in 1939, portrayed in the movie Hyde Park on Hudson, helped to build stateside sympathy for the British amidst the gathering storm of war.
David Woolner, resident historian at the Roosevelt Institute, told Newsday that historians have given the King’s visit to Hyde Park added weight over the last two decades. According to Woolner, the thinking used to be that the genesis of the modern Anglo-American “special relationship” was the mutual affinity between FDR and Winston Churchill.
“But increasingly historians are seeing the royal visit as maybe the beginning of that wartime ‘special relationship,’” he said.
The “reel”: Bill Murray, as FDR, posing with actors in character as family and staff, from ‘Hyde Park on Hudson.’ (Focus Features)

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By Paul Hechinger