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Christmas shopping can be stressful for some with the crowds and “accidental” elbow in the rib. BBC America might be able to help cut down on the holiday madness and take out some of the guesswork. We have recently posted a Doctor Who holiday gift guide; followed by a gift guide for him (or her)now we have one for the ladies! … there may be some crossover for the gents. At the least, it will help men pick out a prezzie for the Mrs.

1. Vintage Teatime Bracelet

“Vintage” sounds so classy but more importantly it looks classy. Any gal would be pleased to wrap her wrist with these tiny trinkets.

2. London Umbrella: Collapsible

It’s raining? It only makes sense to break out a London covered umbrella. It will definitely glam up such a grim day.

3. Bronnley Rose Petal Soap and Union Jack Tin

It’s a win-win. She can decorate her bathroom and smell good. When the soap is gone the case can be used to hold keepsakes.

4. Crown Necklace

Every woman is the queen of her home and why not wear a necklace reminding others of that.

5. Upstairs Downstairs: The Complete Collection

Give her a peek at what’s going on Upstairs, Downstairs.   

6. Absolutely Fabulous: 20th Anniversary Specials

Absolutely Fabulous will tickle her funny bone.  

7. Call Box Confectionery Tin

Sweets for the sweet.

8. Downton Abbey: Seasons 1 & 2 Set

If she likes Upstairs, Downstairs she’ll love the period drama Downtown Abbey.

9. Organza Holly Christmas Crackers

A cracker is a present-within-a-present containing a joke, a small toy and a paper crown.

10. Darvilles of Windsor Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Tea Tin
She will earn bragging rights with her authentic British tea. The tin container is a sweet reminder of the Queen’s remarkable Jubilee.

Are you done marking off your Christmas list now! 

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By Brigid Brown