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Dalek Ikea’s soap dispenser

It must be a state of mind thing for all Whovians. You look around you, at the world in which you live, and some things start to look a bit familiar. Phone boxes, no matter what color, have a certain TARDISiness about them. Penlight torches feel a bit sonicy. And Daleks start to crop up EVERYWHERE, like the Ikea soap dispenser Dalek above.

So here are eight other ordinary items that have something of the Skaronian about them, and then a scary building at the end:

2: Conference Pears

In this picture, I like to imagine the standing-up pear is an outraged Dalek that has just come across a fallen comrade, and is determined to avenge the needless slaughter (even if it was to make a fruit salad).

3: A Wet/Dry Vaccuum Cleaner

Extraordinarily R2-D2-ish, this cleaner, isn’t it? But if you put an eyestalk on him and attach his nozzle, watch out!

5: Flour Shakers

Granted, the handle on this thing makes it look like a Dalek poking itself in the eyestalk, or possibly standing with its hand on its hip. Still, “EX-TER-MI-BAKE,” anyone?

5: Taps


These are the kind of Daleks you’d want to see after a hard day’s gardening. Speaking of which…

6: Compost Bins

Not just imperious warlike beings with despotic tendancies, but also champions of recycling. Who knew?

7: This Cheesegrater

This is a marketing opportunity waiting to happen. EX-TER-MI-GRATE!

8: A Roll-On Deodorant

How do you suppose Daleks keep fresh after a hard day at war? Especially when they have so many armpits and those metal suits must get quite hot. No wonder people keep running away.

9: A Trashcan


10: The Gherkin

Look at it, bearing down on that smaller skyscraper and wishing it had a big blastygun to shoot it with. Remember the big Dalek building on Skaro in Asylum of the Daleks, well its brother has taken a job in the City of London, and won’t be coming back for Davrosmas.

Seen any Daleks in your house? Do tell:

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By Fraser McAlpine