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Let’s start with this charming ditty, and a recent addition to the genre, “Keep The Magic A Secret,” from 

This is another recent addition, this time from seasoned Merlin songstress  (she really, really is). This was written to celebrate the start of Season Five. I don’t think it contains spoilers:

Alice has already achieved a certain amount of fame among Merlin fans for her first song, “Destinies are Troublesome Things,” which was tweeted by Eoin Macken (Sir Gwaine, obv), and has become such a hit, she even translated it into French.

Which just leaves this, from from , composed on mandolin for extra medieval points:

And before any of you instrument pedants pipe up, yes I KNOW the mandolin isn’t medieval, but it’s more lutey than a guitar is. Although I’m not sure why…

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By Fraser McAlpine