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Beckham holding her daughter at Hong Kong International Airport. (AP)

Rumors have been circulating around whether or not the former Spice Girl, Victoria Beckham, will be pushing out a fifth child based on her lackadaisical work-out regime and lack of post-performance bevies at the Olympics.

Her rep spoke to E! News saying,”To my knowledge, she is not pregnant.”

That’s still not quite a “yes” or “no”. She may be pregnant but her rep just doesn’t know about it?

Typically women don’t confirm a pregnancy until after the third month (end of the the first trimester) to make sure everything is progressing as it should be. Possibly she is keeping things mum for this reason?

As well, there are sneaky suspicions that Victoria and soccer star hubby David Beckham may be plotting to make their return to the UK. Multiple reports have spotted them house hunting in West London and an “insider” told the Daily Mail, “David and Victoria love America, they love what it has given them, but the boys loved being back in England and now could be the time to make a return.”

Keith Kendrick at posted a story with the title, “Is Victoria Beckham expecting baby number five? (And do we care?)”

Hmm, do you care?

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By Brigid Brown