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Timothy Dalton as James Bond
Rassilon, Time Lord, as James Bond. (via Timothy Dalton)

Note: for reasons of canonical purity we’re excluding spoofs, even the 1967, Bond-mocking Casino Royale. Sadly this means the list can’t include Jonathan Pryce, Joanna Lumley, Ronnie Corbett, Bernard Cribbins or Rowan Atkinson but at least we’re pure.

1: Timothy Dalton
007 Status: James Bond, in Licence To Kill and The Living Daylights (see picture above)
Doctor Who Status: Rassilon, furious leader of the Time Lords, in The End of Time.

2: Anthony Ainley
007 Status: He was also one of the Hong Kong policemen who discover James Bond’s supposed corpse in the opening sequence of You Only Live Twice: “well at least he died on the job” indeed!

Doctor Who Status: The Master, rogue Time Lord, pantomime baddy and all round rotter.

3: Honor Blackman
007 Status:
Pussy Galore! The Bond girl with the most impossible-to-live-down name.
Doctor Who Status: Professor Lasky, the scientist with a particular passion for plant life in Terror of the Vervoids.

4: Hugh Bonneville
007 Status:
 Air Warfare Officer on the HMS Bedford in Tomorrow Never Dies.

Doctor Who Status: the most piratical Henry Avery in The Curse of the Black Spot.

5: John Cleese
007 Status: He played Q in Die Another Day, after his turn as the original Q’s assistant, jokily titled ‘R,’ in The World Is Not Enough.
Doctor Who Status: A little comic relief in the Fourth Doctor story City of Death, in which John and Eleanor Bron play art critics in a gallery, appreciating the TARDIS. Yes, the story was written by Douglas Adams.

6: Catherine Schell

007 Status: Catherine appears (under the name Catherine Von Schell) as Nancy, in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service.
Doctor Who Status: Another Bond-related guest in City of Death, although her appearance, as Countess Scarlioni, is far less comic than John Cleese’s.

7: Samantha Bond
007 Status: Miss Moneypenny in the Pierce Brosnan Bond films GoldenEye, Tomorrow Never Dies, The World Is Not Enough and Die Another Day.
Doctor Who Status: Mrs Wormwood, another rotter, in The Sarah Jane Adventures.

8: Paul Darrow
007 Status: Oh the irony, Paul may be best remembered as the sneering Avon in Blake’s 7, but he played a Doctor in Die Another Day.
Doctor Who Status: And before Blake’s 7 started, Paul played a very capable UNIT officer in the Third Doctor adventure The Silurians. AND Tekker in the Sixth Doctor adventure Timelash. Busy, busy man:

9: Geoffrey Palmer
007 Status: Admiral Roebuck in Tomorrow Never Dies.
Doctor Who Status: Captain Hardaker in Voyage of the Damned.

And finally, the most recent addition:

10: Steven Berkoff
007 Status: General Orlov, the Russian rotter in Octopussy.

Doctor Who Status: The Shakri in The Power of Three. Yes, really!

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By Fraser McAlpine