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Car Show (John Lund/Tiffany Schoepp/Blend Images/AP Images)

The Huffington Post calls it “the most heartwarming story you’ll read this week.”

Jalopnik originally reported on a British father who was given the news that his 11-year-old son, Connor, has a terminal and inoperable brain tumor and may only have weeks to live.

The dad, Scott, had promised to take his son to a car show but when he found that there weren’t any scheduled in his area, he took to an online bulletin board to ask car enthusiasts whether they might bring their cars to a small event he was planning for his son.

“i have just been informed that my 11 year old son has around 4 weeks to live,” posted Scott. “as you can imagine we are totally devastated and have to try to make the most of our time left with our little boy so heres where i hope you can all help me i promised him a few weeks ago before i found out about this that i would take him to a car gathering as he is a massive fan of sports/modified cars mainly subaru,s evo,s etc but i cannot find one so i thought i would try arrange one just for him so i can keep that promise!”

Just one day later, Jalopnik reported that Scott’s request went viral and that there were promises of some 270 cars – with possibly hundreds more from other car sites. The show, planned for this Saturday, September 8, may have to be moved to an airfield to accommodate the turnout.

The event is now being called “Connor’s Day.”

• Top Gear Live is revving up for its Birmingham show in the UK in October. says that “all concerned have been laughing in the face of such concepts as ‘summer holidays’ and ‘relaxing watching the Olympics’” and have instead been devising new stunts and corralling new stars.

“But obviously,” writes Top Gear, “the biggest star never took off his helmet. Some say he has a full-size tattoo of his face… on his face. All we know is, he’s called the Stig.”

And the Stig has just done a promo video for Top Gear Live with a new Aston Martin Vanquish.

Top Gear Live will be at Birmingham’s NEC arena October 25-28. Get your plane tickets now.

• Next Monday, you’ll have a chance to catch up on Top Gear Seasons 12 and 14. Beginning at 3p/2c on September 10, BBC America will air season 14; then, beginning at 10p/9c, you’ll be able to see season 12.

In season 14, Among the Top Gear goodness is the famous Renault Twingo test in Belfast. As executive producer Andy Wilman said at the time, “for me the standout moment is when Jeremy’s killed at the end”:

Season 14 also featured the boys’ invention, the homemade electric Hammerhead-i Eagle Thrust.

Here’s the Hammerhead in a wind tunnel – an outtake you won’t see in the series:

In season 12, the boys spent some time on a road trip in the U.S. Here they’re racing on salt lake flats in Utah.

Here’s some fun in Reno, which Jeremy described as “a town with some light bulbs on it”:

And among the many visits from famous folk in Star in a Reasonably Price Car segments, there was one from the star of this summer’s hit comedy Ted, Mark Wahlberg:

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