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Arthur Darvill as Rory in “Cold Blood” (BBC)

As the man who dies and dies again, Rory Williams really is the South Park Kenny of Doctor Who. Luckily, he’s never gone for too long—Rory’s been resurrected time and time again— but who knows what will be in store for him in the upcoming fall finale? Especially after Steven Moffat teased earlier this year about the Pond’s departure, “Not everyone gets out alive… And I mean it this time!”

Could Moffat be squeezing in one last Rory death scene for good measure? We shall find out soon enough! Meanwhile, let’s take this moment to commemorate the previous deaths of Mr. Pond:

Dissolved in “Amy’s Choice”

The very first time we see Rory die is in “Amy’s Choice,” where he dissolves to death. Of course, we all know now that it was just a dream, but it certainly was one hell of an emotional one. In that moment, Amy’s feelings for Rory are solidified as she realizes she can’t bear to live in a reality where she’s without him. All together now— “Awwww.”

Shot/Erased From Time in “Cold Blood”

In the end of “Cold Blood,” Rory pushes the Doctor out of the way and is fatally shot by a Silurian. To really rub salt on the wound, Rory is then swallowed up by the crack in time and removed from existence completely. Amy doesn’t even get a proper chance to mourn his death because her memories of Rory are completely wiped. But fret not, dear Whovians! Rory’s resurrected episodes later when Amy wills him, and the rest of the universe, back into existence.

Shot Again in “Day of the Moon”
Brand new season and right in the beginning of the second episode, Rory is shot a second time!  Granted, he wasn’t the only companion “executed” in that opening sequence, and shortly after we find out it was all a ruse. But surely, Whovians everywhere must have drew a collective, “AGAIN?” when Canton pulled the trigger on Rory.

Drowned in “The Curse of the Black Spot”
Poor guy can’t ever seem to catch a break. Rory gets knocked off a pirate ship in “The Curse of the Black Spot” and drowns. Amy and The Doctor eventually manage to get his lifeless body back to the TARDIS. As Amy attempts to perform CPR, we’re all left wondering if he’ll actually make it this time. Spoiler alert: He does.

Aged to Death in “The Doctor’s Wife”
Okay. So again, Rory doesn’t actually die in this one. it’s just House messing with Amy’s head and tricking her into thinking Rory’s aged to death. At this point, we’re all privy to the “Rory’s dead!” psych-outs, so we suspect this one was thrown in purely to add to the reoccurring joke. 

And now, for your viewing pleasure, here is a (strangely upbeat) montage of all of Rory’s deaths:

Which death most had you going? Drop your comments down below!

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By Karen Ho