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Karen Gillan as Amy Pond

The temptation, in this roundup of glorious moments from Karen Gillan’s stint as Amy Pond, is to just throw in the best one-liner moments, the bits where she gets to show off her petulant side or act up a bit, with a couple of the tear-jerkiest bits and that’s it job done. And in truth, Amy Pond is as much about the “Well SOMEBODY’S never been to Scotland” as she is about “you know when, sometimes you meet someone so beautiful, and then you actually talk to them and five minutes later, they’re as dull as a brick?” So let’s just say five is an insufficient number to do justice to the all-shouting, all-stropping, all-crying, all-REMEMBERING Amy Pond, and give Karen credit for delivering a character so beautifully spiky and well rounded she may as well be a hedgehog:

“Why Am I Crying?”

Because Rory kept on dying, Amy had to keep on remembering him. And this became a recurring theme in her life, waiting and remembering, that’s Amy Pond. She would meet a man who kept looking at her funny, she’d ask a few questions about him, he’d perform a heroic act of some kind and she’d remember that he was the love of her life. And it wasn’t just Rory this happened with…

“Why Am I Sad?”

Slightly more life in this one, and definitely worthy of inclusion for “AND YOU ARE LIVE FROM MY WEDDING-AH!” alone.

Old Amy

I’m not the only person smitten with the older, grumpier, fightier version of Amy Pond, from The Girl Who Waited, am I? Clearly Rory has a soft spot for her too.

“This Is What Happens When You Travel Alone For Too Long”

This trail contains the three key moments of Gillan wondrousness from A Town Called Mercy. The accidental gunfire moment, the standing up to vigilante Rory moment, and the bit where she punctures the Doctor’s sudden twist of cruelty, no matter how well intentioned, by pointing out he’s a better man than his actions would suggest. Funny, principled and wise, Amy is growing into quite a formidable force.

“I Didn’t Kick You Out… I Gave You Up”

Yeah, shut up Rory. The reason this one made the cut is simply that the story of Amy Pond is the story of Rory and Amy, and the story of Rory and Amy has changed over and over again, given the different twists of time-related malarkey the pair have had to endure. She had a baby, it was taken away, it turned out to be River Song, Doctor-murderer, they didn’t get to raise her, Amy can’t have babies any more, there’s a Dalek over there… these are not the stresses normal couples have to endure.

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By Fraser McAlpine