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Most people have mobiles and don’t rely on a public booth, but it’ll never get old popping into an iconic British red phone box — possibly for a photo opportunity, to dodge the weather, or even to make an old-fashioned call!

But what else can the booth be used for?

1. Kick back and relax.

(Photo via Design Moderne)

 2. Hold your drawers.

(Photo via Not on the High Street)

3. Tote your stuff.

(Photo via Yes Yes)

4. Get some privacy.

(Photo via Nilima Home)

5. Tea for one.

(Photo via Anglophile’s Delight)

6. Decorate your tee.

(Photo via

7. Even more privacy.

(Photo via Deny Designs)

8. Lighten the mood.

(Photo via

9. Frame it.

(Photo via

10. Rack your CDs.

(Photo via World Market)

11. An end for your books.

(Photo via

12. Bank on it.

(Photo via Etsy)

13. Banksy.

(Photo via Arlet)

14. Cover your phone.

(Photo via Etsy)

15. Shut the front door.

(Photo via Polish the Stars)

Honorable mention: To time travel

Which phone use do you fancy the most?

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By Brigid Brown