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Elizabeth Hurley, second adult from left, with models in her swimwear. (AP)

Elizabeth Hurley‘s fashion line has been accused of sexualizing girls by offering adult-themed swimwear to children aged eight and younger, according to Sky News.

Hurley has recreated some adult items from her Elizabeth Hurley Beach label for children. Hurley’s website describes the youth swimwear as: “Teenagers love this, as well as younger girls. This is the mini version of a similar adult’s bikini.”

Kidscape, a charity whose mission is to keep children safe from abuse, specifically bullying and sexual abuse, does not agree with the risqué swimwear aimed at young children.

Claude Knight, Kidscape director, said in a statement that it was a worrying trend to turn children into “kidults”.

Knight pointed out Hurley’s swimwear line has some “excellent pieces” but some were an adult theme not meant for children.

What’s your take on this?

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By Brigid Brown