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Actor Linus Roache (AP Photo/Carlo Allegri)
Actor Linus Roache(AP Photo/Carlo Allegri)  

British actor Linus Roache, who’s starring in the new financial thriller Supercapitalist out today (August 10), says he would like to do a Western.

He says: “People have told me I’ve got a classic early settler face for America, so I’d love to do something like that.”

He’s also be interested in doing more science-fiction.

In film the actor is probably best known for his role as Bruce Wayne’s father in Batman Begins. He’s also built up a profile on  television in his role as Michael Cutter in Law & Order.

He says: “I’ve been doing a lot of television over the last few years so I’m starting to toy with coming back into movies more. I love working in films.”

His latest picture, Supercapitalist, is set in New York and Hong Kong and Roache plays an aggressive tycoon.

He sees it as a film about values – more specifically whether or not a young hedge fund trader, played by actor Derek Ting, will end up being corrupted. “Will he fulfill his mission for greed and avarice, or will he do the right thing and be a human being for his own people. To me it’s a morality tale around the issue of money,” says Roache.

Supercapitalist was a labor of love for its first time writer, producer and lead actor Derek Ting who strove for six years to get the film made.

Linus Roache’s acting is strong – but Supercapitalist is not going to go down in history as the greatest financial film ever made. But it is a picture that has ambitions beyond just portraying Wall Street greed.

“It’s bringing in the Asian market and the global economy which is what’s interesting about it, so it’s taking you into a world that you would not usually see,” says Roache.

Supercapitalist opens in NYC on August 10 and is also available on ITunes and VOD from that date.

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By Tom Brook