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VOTING HAS NOW CLOSED! Please join in congratulating Katie McGrath, Woman of 2012!

While the Anglo Fan Favorites men’s tournament came roaring in with new blood, the usual suspects dominated this year’s ladies tournament. Smith. Rowling. Bonham Carter. AGAIN.

Enter Katie McGrath. She plays Morgana on the fantasy series Merlin, and her name probably won’t ring a bell to most readers. But she has been powered through this tournament by her show’s devoted fan base. Her support has never wavered, as she beat, in quick succession, household stars like Kate Winslet, Adele, Emma Watson, and Dame Maggie Smith in previous rounds.

But then there’s Helena Bonham Carter, last year’s winner. If any woman in this year’s field had anything approximating a Hiddles Army, it was HBC. She defeated Keira Knightley, Michelle Dockery, Catherine Tate, and JK Rowling to once again arrive at the pinnacle of our tournament. And again, support never wavered. Ms. Grath is her greatest challenge yet.

So… who takes the Woman of 2012 title? And can Dame Maggie Smith jockey her way into her second straight bronze, this time over Rowling? We’re not foolish enough to make any bets here. The winner takes it all, and YOUR VOTES will determine who rises to the top. Make your picks, and make them wisely. Voting ends Thursday, August 16 at 11 am ET.

FIRST: Katie McGrath vs. Helena Bonham Carter

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