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(Photo via
“Dick the Devil” was sentenced to 21 days of hard labor. (Photo via

BBC America, with the help of and Tyne & Wear Archives, has compiled some venomous mugshots from Victorian UK. These perps wear their mugs like badges with broken noses, scars and swollen jaws. (And even young children were put behind bars. Just the thought is creepy.)

You can be a part of history: Mugshot Yourself! With the new show Copper premiering on Sunday, August 19, BBCA is inviting you to upload your own photo, the app will mix and mash your picture with an actual mugshot from 1860s NYC.

Your composite may be chosen to appear on Just think, you’ll be made infamous alongside the worst-of-the-worst! In the meantime, take a peek at these vintage snaps:

James Doyle got a little too sloshed at happy hour. (Photo via ACU)
Eliza Fallon made her living turning tricks. (Photo via ACU)
Minnie Osbourne had a broken nose … hopefully not by a copper. (Photo via ACU)
George Allen was a hawker, an illegal street merchant. (Photo via ACU)
Judging by that shiner Benjamin Bloxsidge got into a row. (Photo via ACU)
This lad was in and out of prison by the age of 16. (Photo via TWAM)
Isabella Dodds was nabbed for stealing a gold watch. (Photo via TWAM)
This 11-year-old girl looks more like a doll than a criminal. (Photo via TWAM)
1864 NYC criminal photo on BBC America!

What are you waiting for — Mugshot Yourself!

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By Brigid Brown