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We have declared the second winner to our weekly Doctor Who iTunes giveaways. With The Women of Doctor Who special airing on BBC America, Saturday, August 11 at 9/8c, we asked you to share your favorite female companion and the one episode #newtoWHO viewers should watch as an introduction to her. The winner would receive 13 iTunes episodes featuring great women of Doctor Who.

Congratulations to Maia H., who submitted this week’s winning entry about Rose Tyler and the episode “Dalek”:

“Rose Tyler is the most iconic of the Doctor’s female companions in the new series. She is a completely typical individual who does not seem to be headed anywhere exciting in her terrestrial life. But after she begins traveling with the Doctor, we see the characteristics that make her unique: her compassion, spunk, and hunger for adventure. Unlike Martha, she did not have a life waiting for her back on Earth. And unlike Donna and Amy, she does not have a predetermined destiny beyond the one she makes for herself.

“Additionally, she more than any other companion has an immensely significant influence on the Doctor’s life. All of these traits are evidenced in the episode ‘Dalek’ (series 1, episode six). In this episode, Rose’s intrinsic empathy is what heals the captured, injured Dalek and sets it free. However, it is unable to complete its directive because of the compassion Rose gave it. At the end of the episode, she stops the Doctor from acting on his rage and thereby exemplifies the part she plays in his life as the one who heals his war trauma. She is a true companion—not a pawn in some inter-dimensional plot; she’s someone the Doctor chooses to travel with as opposed to someone the universe directs him towards. The excitement and energy she shows in this adventure, despite the terrible danger she is placed in, are what make her impossible to forget.”

Here are the 13 “Women of Doctor Who” episodes Maia has won (which were highlighted in the comments by readers):

1. “The Aztecs: The Temple of Evil” (1964)
Female Companion: Barbara Wright

2. “Spearhead From Space” (1970)
Female Companion: Liz Shaw

3. “The Sontaran Experiment, Episode 1” (1975)
Female Companion: Sarah Jane Smith

4. “Invisible Enemy” (1977)
Female Companion: Leela

5. “The Ribos Operation” (1978)
Female Companion: Romana I

6. “Father’s Day” (2005)
Female Companion: Rose Tyler

7. “The Parting of Ways” (2005)
Female Companion: Rose Tyler

8. “Human Nature” (2007)
Female Companion: Martha Jones

9. “The Family of Blood” (2007)
Female Companion: Martha Jones

10. “Silence in the Library” (2008)
Female Companion: River Song/Donna Noble

11. “Forest of the Dead” (2008)
Female Companion: River Song/Donna Noble

12. “The Doctor’s Wife” (2011)
Female Companion: Amy Pond/Idris

13. “The Girl Who Waited” (2011)
Female Companion: Amy Pond

No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited. Must be 18 years of age in order to enter. Please see a full list of rules here.

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