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Ahead of The Timey Wimey of Doctor Who, BBC AMERICA’s original special premiering this Saturday (August 18) at 9/8c, we asked readers, “If you could travel back in time and be #newtoWHO again, which episode would you watch as an introduction to the show? Why?”

Congratulations to R Micah Cade, who submitted the winning entry and has won a a full iTunes download of Doctor Who, Season 6. Cade wrote:

“For me, it would be ‘The Girl in the Fireplace.’ It encapsulates perfectly the space Doctor Who occupies at the junction of science fiction and fantasy. It’s got a grand story, delicious pacing, great fashion, spooky sets, tension, and a Doctor who is at one moment dashing and devil-may-care, then a space-traveling Sherlock piecing together a mystery one step ahead of everyone else, only to snap into focus as a guardian and a dangerous Time Lord an instant later.”

Think you can wow our judges? Come back Monday for our final giveaway and another chance to win free downloads Doctor Who on iTunes.

Learn more about the #newtoWHO campaign, get a guide to the Whoniverse, and share your how you first started with Doctor Who using the #newtoWHO hashtag on Twitter.

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