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As we celebrate The Science of Doctor Who with a new BBC AMERICA special, Saturday (August 4) at 9/8c, we asked two of the special’s celebrity Whovians, Nerdist host Chris Hardwick and The Indoor KidsEmily Gordon, how they would use a sonic screwdriver in their daily lives.

Well, this week we asked you if you could top their responses. After reviewing almost 1,600 creative entries, our judges have selected the winner, who will receive a Doctor Who Season 4 download from iTunes! Congratulations to Tiffany C., who wrote:

“I would use a sonic screwdriver to roll down the windows of cars where there are babies or pets inside — especially on hot days. 🙁 I always see that and I feel terrible.”

And since we had so many great responses, here are a few honorable mentions:

Anat Knight
: “If I had a sonic screwdriver I would use it for a few different things. The obvious fixing of stuff, boosting of cell phone, etc. But I think the most important thing I would use it for would be to create a translation mode for something so that I could understand what my son is trying to say. As a special needs kid it is very hard to figure out what he is trying to say or what he needs. And being able to ‘speak autism’ or speak ‘baby’ would make my life, as well as many mother’s lives so much easier.”

Christopher Rosenbury: “I would use my sonic screwdriver to set up a resonant frequency harmonic generator. This machine would cause whatever material I put into it to create a resonance with other materials of the same type, thus causing them to emit a frequency that I could use to track them down. No more losing my car keys or misplacing my cell phone.”

Erin McCoy: “I would use it on my computer so I never have to download another stupid update. Ever. Again.”

MHK: “I’d be the greatest one-man band ever. The screwdriver could play all of my electric instruments.”

Come back next week for another shot at winning a full season download of Doctor Who on iTunes!

No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited. Must be 18 years of age in order to enter. Please see a full list of rules here.

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