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Congrats to our fourth and final iTunes giveaway winner Holly. Her response to this week’s Doctor Who question was selected by our expert judges as this week’s top choice. She’s won a full iTunes download of Doctor Who, Season 6.

Monday, we asked you, “If you could take a friend who’s #newtoWHO to any destination seen on the show, where would you take that person and why?” Here’s Holly’s answer:

“I would take my #NewToWho bestie to Gallifrey because I think we’d both really enjoy the rich Time Lord culture, hiking in the snow-capped mountains shining white under the sunlight, picnicking in the red grass, skipping over the red, brown, purple, and gold stones, and climbing the silver-leafed trees in the morning while the second sun sets them ablaze. Eventually we’d sneak in to the capitol to stare at the Eye of Harmony for hours on end, she’d fail at preventing me from throwing things into the vortex, and after 5 minutes she’d join me in my fun. When we were done sight-seeing on Gallifrey we’d pick up a Time Lord and a TARDIS and go traversing the universe. In our travels we might bump into Jack, Jenny, Romana, the Doctor, River, or the Master if we’re lucky.”

Want to learn more about the Doctor’s travels? Celebrity Whovians such as The Nerdist‘s Chris Hardwick will cover many of different locations we’ve seen on Doctor Who in The Destinations of Doctor Who, BBC AMERICA’s original special premiering this Saturday (August 25) at 9/8c.

Learn more about the #newtoWHO campaign, get a guide to the Whoniverse, and share your how you first started with Doctor Who using the #newtoWHO hashtag on Twitter.

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