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(Photo via Helen May Banks)

You can’t beat riding on top of the London double decker bus. That made us think, what other cool uses are there for the iconic red bus?

1. Hold your keys.

(Photo via British Airways)

2. Pack your lunch.

(Photo via JCB)

3. Cover your phone.

(Photo via

4. Cover your dog.

(Photo via

5. Cover your baby.

(Photo via Snug-a-Licious)

6. Cover yourself.

(Photo via Accesoryo)

 7. Lace your neck.

(Photo via Hi Ho Silver)

8. Link your cuffs.

(Photo via UK1 Cufflinks)

9. Tote your stuff.

(Photo via Not on the High Street)

10. Greet your friends.

(Photo via Brooklyn5and10)

11. Play around.

(Photo via Toy Shop)

12.Work out.

(Photo via Digital Trends)

13. Make some tea.

(Photo via Omlet)

14. Get hitched.

(Photo via Helen May Banks)

15. Move in.

(Photo via Giz Mag)

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Eat, work, play — how do you propose using the double decker?

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By Brigid Brown