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This is a beautiful thing, and one which deserves as wide a platform as is humanly possible. 20 years ago, the actor and film-maker Jeremiah McDonald was 12 years old and playing about with a camcorder. He decided to send a message to himself in the future, with a few questions about how everything panned out in the intervening years. Tape completed, he put it to one side and set about the tricky business of growing up.

Fast forward to nowadays, and Jeremiah has watched the tape, filmed himself answering his own questions, and edited it all together. And the result is just lovely (if a little tetchy):

The brilliant thing about this clip is the creeping sense of a missed opportunity which starts to build up as it plays. The elder Jeremiah seems unhappy to see his younger self, and the younger self seems unable to take on board anything his older self is saying. Everyone fantasises about going back and giving themselves a stern talking to, to try and iron out the wrinkles in their personality. And that is clearly not something which is happening here, or even possible in any sense. And then of course it clicks, it’s just an old video edited to a new video, it’s not real!

Plus the elder Jeremiah’s Doctor Who gag is amazing.

You can see more of Jeremiah’s work at his YouTube page.

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By Fraser McAlpine