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Hugh Grant in Notting Hill

Like many major world cities, London is home to a myriad of film locations. The city’s blend of modern and historical elements makes for a unique and versatile setting for films of all kinds. These are some of our favorite movie scenes that feature London in all its splendor.

1.  Notting Hill

A chick flick classic. Highlights include this wonderfully shot scene of seasons changing through the trendy neighborhood of Notting Hill. And Hugh Grant’s floppy ’90s hair.

2. Frenzy

Having conquered Hollywood, Alfred Hitchcock returned to his native London in 1972 to film one of his last ever films, Frenzy. This thriller evokes a quintessentially British feel as Hitchcock masterfully captures the working class atmosphere of 1970s London.

3. A Hard Day’s Night

Beatlemania sweeps the streets as the Fab Four narrowly escape hordes of stampeding fangirls. Fun Fact: While the opening scene is supposed to take place in Liverpool, the boys are actually running through Marylebone Station in London.

4. Alfie

Michael Caine as ladykiller Alfie gets flirtatious with Shelley Winters’ character, Ruby, while photographing her in front of the Tower of London.

5. 28 Days Later

In this chilling scene, Cillian Murphy’s character Jim has just woken up from a coma to find himself completely alone as he wanders the deserted streets of London.  Director Danny Boyle had the roads closed off at 4am in order to film these breathtaking shots of the normally densely-populated city.


What are some of your favorite movie scenes set in London? Sound off in the comments!

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By Karen Ho