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Ben Wishaw and Daniel Craig in ‘Skyfall’

This is the actor Ben Whishaw. He is famous for appearing in such notable movies as Bright Star, I’m Not There, and Perfume, in which he took the lead role:

Ben currently has a new job, playing one of the more iconic roles in British cinema, opposite one of the most iconic roles in British cinema. He’s playing Q – the tech-obsessed gadgetician for MI5 who spends a good portion of his on-screen time telling James Bond not to be such a massive child with his inventions – in the new Bond movie Skyfall.

The brilliant thing about the casting of Ben in this role is that he’s little more than a child himself, especially compared to the flinty-eyed Bond of Daniel Craig. You’ll notice there haven’t been any gadget briefings from Q in the last two Bond movie, and so Ben will be the first Q to offer such a service to this Bond. And the first Q to be younger than the Bond he’s telling off.

Previous Qs have included John Cleese, Peter Burton, and the peerless Desmond Llewelyn, so there’s definitely going to be a slight change of tack from the irascible old boffin.

He’s going to be an irascible young boffin instead.


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By Fraser McAlpine