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He won't be running in the London Games, that's for sure.
He won’t be running in the London Games, that’s for sure.

Vangelis’ musical masterpiece for the 1981 British film Chariots of Fire earned an Oscar for Best Original Music Score and set the gold standard for cheesy inspirational music everywhere. Cut to the endless stream of parodies involving slow motion running and that oh-so familiar tune. In honor of the fast-approaching London Games, we’ve rounded up five great videos that feature the legendary theme.

1. The Running Finger: Sound medical advice from this unexpectedly funny, if not slightly unnerving, hospital ad.

2. Madagascar Beach Scene: Ah, the slow motion voice effect. Instant comedic gratification.

3. Nike “Run Barefoot” Ad: These sneakers definitely seem like a way more stylish alternative to those weird foot glove sandals.

4. Puppies of Fire: Prepare for cuteness overload. This is what the internet was made for.

5. Duracell Commercial: What advertising team decided using nightmare-inducing dolls was a good idea for a battery commercial?! Excuse me while I purge these demonic things from memory forever.

6. Steve Jobs demo: Back in 1984, the Apple pioneer used the familiar strains of the theme to demo the first Macintosh computer to an enraptured audience. The man knew how to create drama.

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By Karen Ho