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Hello, How To Dress fans! Time to offer the cosplay boys a chance to stay out of the frock-coat and suit shops, for a change.

Most of the Rory outfits are fairly easy to track down, given a decent costumier. Just get a Roman Centurian costume, or some blue medical scrubs (and a grey plaid hoody) and you’re pretty much done. However, for cosplayers on a budget, there is a fairly definitive Rory ‘costume’ you can put together from your own clothes (or those of your friends) without going too nuts, and people will still get that you’re dressed up.

And here it is:

1: Hair – ah that lovely light brown moptop crop. Anything messier than a side-parted short-back-and-sides is fine.

2: Jacket – sleeveless dark blue gilet, not hooded. For the man of action who worries about getting a chill on his kidneys.

3: Shirt – red plaid lumberjack number. You could also go for the crimson Vampires In Venice sweater, if you want to stand out from the other Rorys. It’s the gilet that does most of the work.

4: Jeans – Straight leg, stonewashed. Nothing too fashiony.

5: Shoes – Tan suede desert boots.

6: Accessories – A wristwatch with a dark leather strap, and a hand which comes apart to reveal a gun (although this one might be tricky. There again, the rest of the outfit is so straightforward you might as well set yourself a bit of a challenge. I mean this is for Comic-Con, right? There are going to be LOADS of people dressed as Rory, and some of them will be rocking the full Roman outfit, or the soldier number with the black eyepatch. The very least you can do is cut off some of your fingers and insert a gun into the open wound, then somehow find a way to staunch the bleeding so it looks like your hand is made of plasti…oh wait, make a fake hand! Out of actual plastic! Yes, definitely do that!).

Now practise looking a little hangdog, a little unsure of yourself, with flashes of pure steely venom from time to time. Be a good guy, a beautiful guy, who thinks he’s a loser, but not a hopeless loser. There, that’s it. Just like that.

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By Fraser McAlpine