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As we mentioned in the Rose Tyler How To Dress, it’s sometimes harder for the female Whovians to get across the fact that they’re in costume, when so many of the most recent crop of companions tend to wear fashionable modern day clothes, and change them as often as, well, actual real girls do.

Martha Jones has one definite outfit which is hers and hers alone, and the rest is uniforms – the black jumpsuit and beret look, from her UNIT years, the maid outfit from Human Nature/Family of Blood, or the white lab coat from Smith and Jones. Then there’s this girl-about-town ensemble, for the off-duty hours.

Here’s how to get the basic Martha, though:

1: Hair – Black and up. Very businesslike. Smart and out of the way, apart from the odd rogue strand deliberately hung across the face.

2: Jacket – zip-up burgundy leather windcheater, waist length. It’s a different color to the Rose Tyler jacket, but if you’re stuck, you could probably swap the one for the other. Martha and Rose are so physically different no one could really confuse the two.

3: Top – one of those vest-tops with lacy trimmings at the top, of a similar color to the jacket but a bit lighter, and a bit longer.

4: Jeans – boot cut, blue-black, stonewashed and long.

5: Shoes – as you can see, Martha likes her power heels. Something black and booty would be ideal.

6:Accessories – small golden hoop earrings and a subtle gold necklace. Couple of rings on her left hand.

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By Fraser McAlpine