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So far, in the run-up to Comic-Con 2012, we’ve looked at Rose, Captain Jack and Martha and how best to dress up as them in such a way that people know you’re dressed up as them. Now it’s Donna’s turn, and again there’s an iconic costume, the “Oh You’re Donna Noble!” look, and then the specialist side alleys.

The first and most notable of these will of course be the bridal gown she wore the first time she met the Doctor. A good choice for cosplay, as there are bound to be a few knocking about in local thrift stores, but be careful. Donna’s not the only redhead to have rocked a bridal veil in recent Whovian history. Either learn to accept that some people are going to think you’re Amy Pond (and enjoy putting them right) or pick another costume.

Then there’s the Agatha Christie outfit, the Pompeii outfit, each clearly recognizable in their own way, and as they’re not the sort of thing most people wear to go to the shops, definitely worth considering.

But there is one proper Donna Costume, and here’s how you do it:

1: Hair – red. If you can’t manage Donna hair, you’re sort of doomed. A red wig if you can get it, with brow-length bangs, but swept away from the forehead.

2: Jacket – dark tan leather raincoat.

3: Top – there’s a purple vest top underneath, and a long grey sweater with a low scooped neckline on top.

4:Trousers – anything dark will do. Dark jeans, charcoal grey suit pants, that kind of thing.

5: Shoes – brown and sensible. Donna’s a little older than Martha and a little more middle-class than Rose. She saves her uncomfortable shoes for the weekend.

6: Accessories – thick tan belt, as close to the color of the coat as possible, worn over the sweater. Hoop earrings, no necklace. Donna also wears a ring like a pebble on the middle finger of her right hand. You can get away without it if you can’t find one.

But the most important accessory of all is Donna’s attitude. It’s that projected insecurity-as-bullishness thing she does so well. Always speaks her mind, even before she has fully made it up, sometimes. Put that on, and you’ll BE Donna.

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By Fraser McAlpine