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OK, here’s the last of our roundup of recent companion cosplay posts, and it’s the girl who not only waited, but shopped a fair bit too. We’ve picked the most Amy-ish outfit, out of a huge variety of Amy-ish outfits, but feel free to investigate the policewoman/kissagram costume, or the nightdress and robe number, or even the wedding dress. It’s all about what you can get hold of, and what you can turn it into.

One thing is non-negotiable, I am afraid, and it’s the first item on our list:

1: Hair – let’s be honest, if you needed me to tell you how to do this bit, you’d be fairly lost. But just in case: long and red, please. No bangs, but you can side-part the front and tuck it behind your ears. As with River Song, if you get the hair and the posture right, you’re basically there.

2: Jacket – a brown fitted leather number with elasticated cuffs and waistband.

3: Top – tight, short burgundy v-neck sweater, with a kind of crocheted neckline, under which Amy is wearing a washed out purple v-neck vest. If these are proving to be hard to find, and you have a big baggy red jumper, or a red plaid shirt (and tight blue jeans), or an open grey/blue plaid shirt with a black vest underneath, you could try those instead.

4: Below the belt area – Amy likes to get her legs out. So if you’ve got denim shorts or a denim miniskirt, dig ’em out. And some sheer pantyhose, because you never know if it’s going to be cold in space (note: it’s ALWAYS cold in space).

5: Shoes – tan cowboy boots, although you can probably get away with Timberlands if you’re stuck. As I said, it’s all about the hair and the posture.

6: Accessories – a long burgundy scarf would be good. tan belt (if you’re going with the denim miniskirt), a small necklace and a gold bracelet. Heck, put a wedding band on too, if you really want to get in character.

Speaking of character, Amy is all angles. She’s all knees and elbows. She stoops slightly because she’s tall, and is well used to knocking stuff and being a bit of a klutz. Sometimes she hides behind this in order to figure out a plan. So, assuming you’ve got the hair right (you HAVE got the hair right, haven’t you?) use this to your advantage and throw a few scarecrow shapes.

Maybe try it in front of the mirror before leaving the house though, we don’t want any black eyes or broken noses in the Comic-Con queue.

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By Fraser McAlpine