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Matt Smith. (Photo by Dave Gustav Anderson)

Doctor Who‘s Matt Smith appeared to be every bit the rock star as he graced the stage for TV Guide Magazine’s Fan Favorites panel.

Matt Smith at the TV Guide Fan Favorites panel. (Photo by Dave Gustav Anderson)

The panel’s roster included stars like Community‘s Joel McHale, Castle‘s Nathan Fillion, Nikita‘s Maggie Q, Teen Wolf‘s Tyler Posey, SpartacusLiam McIntyre, Fringe‘s Jasika Nicole, Grimm‘s David Biuntoli, and The Walking Dead‘s Sarah Wayne Callies.

But all eyes were on Matt as the audience took to the podium to ask questions. And we mean that literally every fan question was directed at Matt. (If we downed a shot for every time the words “This question is for Matt Smith” were said during today’s TV Guide Fan Favorites panel, we’d wouldn’t be posting right now. We’d be hospitalized.)

We knew this was a Matt Smith crowd when he entered the stage to thunderous, sustained applause. (Only Nathan Fillion approached that level on the applause-o-meter.) In his second straight appearance on the annual panel, Matt was his usual humble self, telling the audience that he regularly geeks out to the popular zombie series The Walking Dead. When asked to reveal one thing about himself that fans don’t know, he responded, “I have very wide feet.”

Clearly, he was soaking up the Comic-Con atmosphere, adding that American fans are “more vocal” and “very collaborative.” He said that SDCC would be a great setting for an episode of Doctor Who, quipping, “There are enough aliens here.”

Things turned slightly somber when Matt was asked about the next season of Who. “The fall of the Ponds is about to commence,” he said, referring to the imminent departures of Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill as Rory and Amy. But he said Jenna-Louise Coleman was “doing really well” as the new companion and teased Dame Diana Rigg’s guest appearance in the new season. Asked about the weirdest thing he’s done as the Doctor, he responded, “Being painted from head-to-toe.” Interesting…

The other panelists also showed their Doctor Who love. Liam McIntyre suggested a “time-traveling Spartacus episode” as a DW crossover. (McIntyre also made a funny when asked about his Favorite Doctor, responding “James Wilson. He’s very affordable.”) Joel McHale shouted out to all of the fans who turned up to the Community panel as Inspector Spacetime, protagonist of his sitcom’s very popular Doctor Who spoof.

Here are a few snaps from the panel:

TV Guide editor Debra Birnbaum, ‘Teen Wolf’ star Tyler Posey, and Matt. (Photo by Dave Gustav Anderson)
Debra Birnbaum, Tyler Posey, Matt, Jasika Nicole, and Joel McHale. (Photo by Dave Gustav Anderson)
Tyler Posey, Matt Smith, and Jasika Nicole. (Photo by Dave Gustav Anderson)
Matt Smith. (Photo by Dave Gustav Anderson)
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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.