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(AP) Aaron Sorkin, Jeff Daniels, Emily Mortimer, Alan Poul at premiere.

Emily Mortimer, who stars in HBO’s just premiered The Newsroom, has been giving her own views on the Fourth Estate. In the series Mortimer has a key role playing the executive producer of a fictional tv news program called News Night.

The actress notes there’s a big difference between the news media here in the US and her native Britain.

Commenting on the print press in the US she says: “I think the newspapers are actually really classy. There’s no newspaper like The New York Times. I think it’s an amazing paper. And the newspapers in England, where I’m from, are horrible in comparison.”

But when it comes to broadcast news she doesn’t have a high regard for what’s on offer in America. “There’s just 24 hours of news and they have to fill it with silly stuff in order to keep people watching – and it’s all about ratings and not about informing people properly,” she says.

In The Newsroom Mortimer stars opposite Jeff Daniels who portrays the anchorman at the heart of all the drama in the series. Another Brit, Dev Patel, is also part of the cast – but in the first episode he didn’t have much screen time.

The arrival of this tv drama, created by Oscar winning screenwriter Aaron Sorkin, has been much trumpeted by HBO and curiosity has been high among people who work in the news business.

But for the most part the critics have not been too impressed. The general view is that the series is preachy and smug but not without some enjoyable moments.

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By Tom Brook