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Absolutely Fabulous Olympics Special

Starring: Jennifer Saunders (French and Saunders); Joanna Lumley (Mistresses); Julia Sawalha (Cranford)

Network: BBC America

Special Premiere: July 2012

Left Off: Edina and Patsy dusted off the ’90s, tipsy as always, making their return in two specials earlier this year. The women are still up to their old tricks ganging up on poor Saffy, saving the world one shopping trip at a time, keeping the “wheels on fire” with Bubbles and grandmum in tow.

Next Up: Eddy, crafty as she is, decides to rent out her London flat to a Hollywood Somebody but doesn’t actually leave the residence. She not only gate-crashes the A-lister’s holiday but she and Patsy somehow end up on the inside of the Olympic stadium. Rather than being in awe they awesomely find a way to make their way into Stella McCartney’s private reception.

AbFab at this year’s Sport Relief:

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