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Skinny Lister 

Style: Proper Folk

Members: Dan Heptinstall, Sam ‘Mule’ Brace, Dan Gray, Lorna and Max Thomas

What’s the Story: You can feel the kinship within this group, especially with it consisting of the sister and brother duo. This is standing room only – dancing preferably – the upbeat tunes lift you out of your chair and onto your feet.

You May Know this Line: “I’ll be dreaming of you England, 50 days and 50 nights.”

Video Pick: “Rollin’ Over”

In the Headlines: Skinny Lister Goes Pop – As In Pop-Up-Shows! (Via: CMU)

In Their Own Words: “Whenever we make a video, we want to make it as real of an experience as possible, and ‘Plough and Orion’ is an ode to love.” – Lorna Thomas, The Owl Mag

On-camera Interview with: PopJunkie

UK Tour Schedule:
Check them out in the Borough, Peterborough, England that is, at the Met Lounge.

For Fans Who Like: B52s, Mumford & Sons, Feist

Recommended Track: “Poor Old Horse”

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