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Clock Opera

Style: Electro Chop Rock

What’s the Story: British indie rock outfit Clock Opera is the brainchild of London Native, Guy Connelly. Clock Opera was conceived in 2009 by Connelly after the breakup of his previous band, The Corrections. Their sound has been described as “chop rock” for their technique of recording various sounds, chopping it up, and reassembling them to create unique, fragmented samples. 

Video Pick: The group also made their first visit to the U.S. earlier this year for the SXSW Festival in March. Take a look at their performance of “Once and For All” from the festival.

And while you’re at it, check out the band’s music video for the single and have yourself a good cry. 


What’s Next: They’ll be hitting the European music festivals this summer. Their debut album “Ways To Forget” is out now.

Recommended Tracks: “Belongings”

For Fans Who Like: Elbow, Animal Collective

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