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Hats off to British art! Damien Hirst in front of two of his ‘dot’ paintings in New York earlier this year. (Mary Altaffer/AP Images)

Perhaps you’ve noticed that blogs love lists, and we here at Anglophenia are no exception. In fact, during this Summer of London, we’ve even pumped up our list making. Over the past few weeks we’ve brought you lists featuring the best of Britain in a variety of categories: television, music, movies, and royal-related events.

This week, we’re highlighting the summer’s best art shows and museum exhibits. We’ve of course focused on shows that are in London, but one of the great things about modern technology is that even museum shows aren’t limited to bricks-and-mortar (or marble-and-limestone) physical locations anymore. With the Internet, web video, smart-phones, pod-casts and other innovations, museums can – and do – bring many facets of their exhibits to people all around the world.

And it’s perhaps appropriate that this week, when The Brit List’s Asha Leo is focusing on the 20 Baddest Brits (premiering Tuesday, June 26, 10p/9c), that our art list begins with Damien Hirst, often been considered a “bad boy” of the British art world – but nevertheless one mightily successful enfant terrible.

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By Paul Hechinger