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Jessie J is the latest performer to find out the hard way that the classic music biz truism “where there’s a hit, there’s a writ” is no joke. Her song “Domino” is the subject of a plagiarism lawsuit, coming from a relatively unknown band called Loomis and the Lust, fronted by songwriter Will Loomis.

Will’s suit claims that Jessie knowingly ripped off bits of his 2008 song “Bright Red Chords” in order to make her hit. He even used her appearance at the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee concert as an excuse for a Facebook rant on the subject, saying “when I wrote this melody in my garage I never imagined it would be sung for the King [sic] and Queen of England and I especially never imagined it would be sung by Jessie J.”

Will is asking for £96,000 in damages. His lawyers making the bold claim that “Will Loomis is a rising star in the music business. [Bright Red Chords] is among Loomis’s most popular [songs]. It was written in 2008 and rapidly gained popularity.”

Although not, it should be noted, as rapidly as Jessie’s song did, plagiarism or not.

Here’s the Loomis and the Lust song:

And here’s “Domino”

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By Fraser McAlpine