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With Amy Pond soon to depart Doctor Who, Karen Gillan‘s schedule is opening up a bit, and she’s already scoping out her next roles. And in news that’s sure to set these Internets ablaze, she exclusively told BBC America that tops on her wishlist is a part on Community, the fan-favorite sitcom featuring all kinds of meta hijinks at a Colorado community college. (The series loves its spoofs, nodding to the Time Lord with its Doctor Who parody, Inspector Spacetime.)

What does Karen think about Inspector Spacetime, and how did she become a fan of Community? Watch below:

So tell us, Doctor Who fans, want to see Karen trading quips with Joel McHale, Danny Pudi, and the folks from Greendale Community College? Tweet about it with the hashtag #AmyMeetsAbed.

• Along with some midriff-baring bagpipers and the Secretariat, Craig Ferguson kicked off Scotland Week on The Late Late Show last night (May 14) with a fist-pumping rock number on-stage in Los Angeles. Of course, there was a major nod to Doctor Who. At the end, everyone boards a TARDIS, emerging before a bucolic Scottish castle.

Why blow the budget on expensive airfare, when you can travel in Time Lord style? And, even better, no jet lag:

• Once upon a time it was just geeks like The Big Bang Theory’s Sheldon Cooper that were allowed to mention Doctor Who, now everyone’s at it. Look, even  iCarly is getting in on the act:

• Back in the days of classic Doctor Who, there used to be a cliff-hanger at the end of every episode, as almost all of the stories played out over many episodes. Few stories took such a literal approach as the Seventh Doctor serial Dragonfire, however. Although no one seems to be too sure as to why:

• And while we’re behind the scenes, if you ever wanted to see River Song’s cradle, the Silence spaceship or the Doctor’s sonic cane from Let’s Kill Hitler, but you’re unlikely to make it to London’s Earl’s Court in the next month, you’ll need to head over to Cardiff from June 20th, as the Doctor Who Experience is opening there. And yes, that’s the same Cardiff in which the show is filmed.

Philip Murphy, Managing Director of BBC Worldwide Live Events explained to the press: “The Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff is going to be just minutes away from where the BBC Wales television series is made which I’m incredibly excited about. The Experience sets out to engage visitors’ imaginations from the outset immersing them in the world of Doctor Who and what better place to do this than in Cardiff, the home of the show?”


This week, we examined the career of the Fourth Doctor, Tom Baker, outside of his Doctoring work. There are a lot of sexually-charged men of the cloth in there, we can exclusively reveal.

• Watch as Matt Smith comes to life in amazing time-lapse footage of a watercolor drawing, via YouTube user Frechts:

And while we’re on a creative tip, how about a handmade TARDIS corset or skirt?

• This week’s exhibit in the Rogues Gallery is the Rani, another Time Lord, but more of an unethical scientist than the Master’s cackling baddy.

Let’s end with the latest on the Doctor Who game The Eternity Clock. Playstation 3 owners can download it on May 23, with a physical release coming two days later. The Vita version is due on June 13, and the whole thing looks like this:

Be ready this time…

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