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When your life is as stuffed with fascinating events as Sir Paul McCartney’s has been, and you’ve been as open in discussing them as he has, it must be tough to find fresh points of interest when putting together a reissue campaign of your back catalogue.

Nonetheless, there’s a lovely little documentary which comes with the newly-remastered (again) “Ram” album, the only album credited to both Paul and Linda McCartney, which captures a little of the great man’s mindset as he starts to try and forge a new life for himself outside of the tight circle of childhood friends (and Ringo, who they met a little later) that was the Beatles. You can see in some of the old photos Linda took of the two of them in the Mull of Kintyre that the strain of the breakup and the pitched battles he was fighting over the release of his first solo album “McCartney” were beginning to take their toll, and the burden of making Important Music was proving too heavy to carry.

Here’s a little trailer. It seems incomprehensible now that the simple act of asking his wife to be in his band would cause such heated debate at the time, but it did.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be under my desk with the headphones on for the rest of the day. Why not look at this picture of SIr Paul with a 2-year-old Sgt Pepper’s Band member, taken at a recent concert in Uruguay.


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By Fraser McAlpine