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Matt Smith and Eva Green in Clone

A couple of years ago, Matt Smith made a film with Eva Green which explored the untold trauma of a woman bearing a child who was an exact clone of her lover, who had been killed in an accident. This may sound like a Doctor Who plot but as you’ll see, it has clearly been played more for total emotional devastation than Dalek-biffing, swashbuckling adventure. The film was called Womb.

Now it’s coming out on DVD (May 7 in the UK),  and has been retitled Clone, for clarity’s sake. The trailer has been re-released, and as you can see, there’s a lot of soul-baring going on, a lot of uncovering of repressed emotions, and yes, Matt does run into the sea in the buff. DO NOT LET THIS DISTRACT YOU.

You let it distract you, didn’t you?


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By Fraser McAlpine