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One of the delights of the Doctor Who Convention, and let’s face it, it was a constant stream of delights interrupted only by the need to breathe in and breathe out, was having the chance to sit down and have a chat with Mark Sheppard, who, among many other things, is the voice of BBC America. He is, as any fool knows, the man who introduces the shows, or one of them, at the very least.

So it seemed a perfect time to ask him about that, and it turns out that as far our blushing channel is concerned, Mark is something of a fan. And quite right too:

And then we settled down to the business of Matt Smith and what it is like working with him. Mark had just been talking passionately to Matt’s dad about a wonderful man his son is, it was the kind of exchange I kind of wish I had filmed, but at the time I felt it was an intrusion on what was, after all, a private family moment. Still, he did it right in front of me, while I was holding a camera pointed at his face, but in the end, my stupid manners won out. Bah!

Note: Not to put words into Mark’s mouth, but you get that when he says Matt is the oldest Doctor he’s talking about the way he feels the character is being played, as an older man with a younger man’s face, right? It’s not that the Doctor is himself older than he’s been so far, that’s an obvious point, and clearly Matt is a younger man than anyone who has ever played the part, so it’s not that either. Oh you did get it? OK.

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By Fraser McAlpine