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Here are five videos depicting some of the worst and most inconsiderate behaviour ever seen on British transport networks (roads mainly, and one from the London Underground), from the relatively silly to the downright mean.

Puddle O’ Fun

Take one car, driven by a giggling lady, place inside one man who believes he is hilarious. Add rain, drive car at speed through rain and down steep hill towards bus stop queue with large puddle outside. Ignore possibility that car could skid, and plough into queue of people. Drive car at speed into puddle, laughing. Congratulate selves, you’ve just become awful.

Oh, and you may face charges of ‘careless and inconsiderate driving’ and a fine of up to £2,500. That’s you, the giggly lady driver and not you, the smug-voiced and clearly very punchable man.


I don’t care who you are, if you hit a police car at that speed, and the police car hits its driver, knocking him over, and he proceeds to get up and give chase, you’d BETTER run…

Parking Violation


Throwing Underground

OK, this one does put the puddle thing into perspective a bit.

Bad Bus Driver

Cyclists, admit it, sometimes we’re annoying. Drivers just want us to get out of the way, and stop overtaking when they slow down, and stop running red lights and stop generally rubbing our road flexibility in their leatherette faces. And while I’m not suggesting this particular cyclist has done anything to warrant the wrath of the bus driver following him – wrath which left the bus driver facing a 14 month prison term, I might add – well let’s just say it’s a reminder of how frail our little bodies are next to those well-protected automobiles.

Drive safely!

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By Fraser McAlpine