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Of all the talents one would hope Sir Paul McCartney would bequeath to his children, the ability to make a vaguely optimistic news story about the reformation of the Beatles would not be the primary one the world is waiting for,

However, his son James, who is now a working musician in his own right, has apparently inherited the old man’s knack for sunny-side-up plan-making, telling BBC News that he would consider forming a group with the sons of his dad’s old workmates. A junior Beatles, if you like.

He said: “I don’t think it’s something that Zak [Starkey] wants to do. Maybe Jason [Starkey, a drummer like his dad and brother] would want to do it. I’d be up for it. Sean [Lennon] seemed to be into it, Dhani [Harrison] seemed to be into it. I’d be happy to do it.

Now, it’s important to state at this point that this was just a cheeky idea BBC News had, which James obligingly took seriously, but hang on… “Sean and Dhani SEEMED to be into it”? “SEEMED”? Had this been seriously considered, pondered the reporter. James’s reply was short and sweet:

“Yeah, a little bit.”


BBC News: Do you think it could happen?

James: “Yeah, hopefully, naturally. I don’t know, you’d have to wait and see. The will of God, nature’s support, I guess. So yeah, maybe.”

See what I mean? A chip off the old block. I bet he even rounded that off with the classic Macca thumbs-up, or maybe a Ringo peace sign.

(Picture credits: AP Images)

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By Fraser McAlpine