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There are tons of snaps of the filming of Series 7 in New York doing the rounds at the moment. We don’t want to link to them all because of the possibility of spoilers, especially around the future of Amy and Rory within the Whoniverse, but there are just a handful over at the official Doctor Who Tumblr.

Here’s what else is going on in time and space this week:

• Without meaning to break the fourth wall too much, the new series will see some old iterations of the Daleks make their return to the show, with their original ’60s styling (y’know, Beatle haircuts, mini-skirts, that kind of thing). The trouble the props department have faced is just how to get their hands on original ’60s Daleks. Well in Shropshire, former Dalek-operator Dave Saunders has a bunch, and they’re going to be in the show.

• Consider this a DVD extra to the roundup of Jenna-Louise Coleman’s work we did when she was first announced as the new companion to the Doctor. Here’s a compilation of her best moments in ITV’s current drama Titanic, written by Downton Abbey’s Julian Fellowes (and unkindly nicknamed Drownton Abbey by Twitter snarks):

• Speaking of which, Twitterphiles, welcome Karen Gillan, who has finally joined your number (@karengillan2) and appears to be having a rare old time making up cress puns and taking photographs of Amy Pond’s belongings.

• This week’s monster from the Rogues Gallery is the Yeti. The faceless giant teddy bears controlled by robot space eggs that harrassed the Second Doctor twice.

• Here’s something pretty awesome caught on tape: John Barrowman — wearing a Superman t-shirt, mind you — getting novelist Anne Rice‘s autograph at this past weekend’s C2E2:

Katherine Jenkins, a.k.a. Abigail from the Doctor Who: A Christmas Carol special, has been wiping the floorboards with the competition on Dancing with the Stars. Well, she was recently on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson to chat about her adventures in jiving and quickstepping. For those of you who are impatient, the Whovian palaver starts at 3:44:

• Let’s end on a musical note. Here’s a dubstep remix of that churning strings motif that often appears when the Doctor has had a bright idea and is about to throw the switch on the bank of circuits he’s spent ages sonicking together. It’s actually rather subtle, for dubstep:

Hat’s off to YouTube user MrMattSmith0 for putting it up.

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By Fraser McAlpine