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The Dalek Egg (by PugnoM)

A happy Easter to Whovians old and new! We’ve all wondered how to make a hard-boiled egg look like a Dalek, haven’t we? Well now this most passionate of wishes can be granted with this step-by-step photo-guide to making the Dalek Egg.

Hats off to Flickr user PugnoM for her sterling work. And the first person to *crack* the “EGGSTERMINATE” *yolk* gets a Davros egg-cup (not really).

Here’s what else is going on in space and time this week:

• First and foremost, a hearty WELL DONE to, for translating the entirety of the Eleventh Doctor’s tenure aboard the TARDIS (so far) into a mock SNES game. This is nothing short of magnificent!

Jenna-Louise Coleman was interviewed by the Radio Times this week, and she revealed that the secret to getting the part as a companion to the Doctor, in an audition situation, is to muck about as much as possible. She said: “Normally you’re just reading in front of a camera, but with this, it was so physical. We were using props and running around so it felt like playing – and like a partnership straightaway.”

• Speaking of whom, BBC News interviewed Jenna-Louise recently, in which she revealed what she was holding when she found out she had got the part, among other things:

• Have you seen David Tennant’s advert for Virginmedia Tivo, with Richard Branson too? It’s here:

• Meanwhile, over on YouTube, young Daveroper00‘s house has been invaded by cardboard Daleks. Watch, if you dare:

• Last week, we saw a Shaun of the Dead LEGO that was quite simply astonishing. Well, YouTube user ritraf has create a stop-motion animated Doctor Who series with characters and sets (including TARDIS) composed almost entirely from LEGOs. Here’s Episode 1, which is a brilliant start:

• Oh and speaking of the tinpot terrorists, we’ve started a new feature called Rogues Gallery, in which we profile as many of the Doctor’s enemies as we can, one Doctor at a time. So of course there’s only one place to start, with the Daleks, without whom it’s entirely possible that the series may not have made it to the ripe old age of 49.

• And the reason we’ve started on the monsters is because we’ve finally finished profiling all of the Doctor’s companions. If you want to revisit them all, we’d advise that you start at the first, Susan Foreman, and work your way forwards.

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