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Always a hilarious bit of business for an American sit-com. If your character has nothing better to do, why not engineer a MacGuffin (incidentally, what is the verb involved with the creation of MacGuffin, do you suppose? Bake? Grow? Ignite?) which leaves a central character having to pretend to be British? And if you can create a situation whereby the MacGuffin is just a squirming desire to do well and fit in, well that practically IS British.

So well done, Doctor Ross Geller out of Friends, you have officially arrived:

You’d think being married to a well-to-do English girl with a would have rubbed a more convincing accent off on him though. Oh I know they weren’t together long, and they had their ups and downs when they were, but still. And what’s with the cockney geezerisms? Someone should tell him he’s got his homo chimneysweepus mixed up with his stately homorectus.

Or at least they should if he was, y’know, real.

PS: Someone should tell his friend Rachel that a white person doing a sing-song Indian accent over in the UK would play VERY badly nowadays.

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By Fraser McAlpine