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The cast of Dramaville's 'White Heat,' clockwise from top left: Reece Ritchie, Jessica Gunning, Lee Ingleby, MyAnna Buring, Sam Claflin, Claire Foy, and David Gyasi.

BBC America continues to plot out its star-studded schedule for its Wednesday night Dramaville block, which has been home to the critically-acclaimed British dramas The Hour, Luther, and Whitechapel. Following the recent announcement of the period crime drama Ripper Street starring Matthew Macfadyen for fall, BBC America has acquired two new scripted additions, the epic six-parter White Heat and the four-part heist drama Inside Men.

Featuring a Who’s Who of UK up-and-coming talents, White Heat begins with seven London friends who meet as students in 1965 and follows their lives to the present day. The group consists of rebellious Jack (Sam Claflin, Snow White and the Huntsman), feminist Charlotte (Little Dorritt‘s Claire Foy), fragile Lilly (Twilight‘s MyAnna Buring), med student Jay (Reece Ritchie, The Lovely Bones), electronics whiz Alan (Harry Potter‘s Lee Ingleby), law student Victor (Law & Order: UK‘s David Gyasi), and kind-hearted Orla (Jessica Gunning, also from Law & Order: UK). Written and created by Paula Milne, White Heat premieres Wednesday, May 9 at 10/9c.

Warren Brown, Steven Mackintosh, and Ashley Walters in 'Inside Men'

Meanwhile, Inside Men tells the story of three security depot employees — manager John (Luther‘s Steven Mackintosh), security guard Chris (OutcastsAshley Walters), and forklift driver Marcus (Luther‘s Warren Brown) — as they plan a multi-million pound cash heist. Told from the perspective of these unseasoned criminals, it’s billed as “a study of how men behave when they step out of their comfort zones, and cross that moral line, what it means to risk freedom, and the resulting fallout on their own consciences.” The miniseries premieres Wednesday, June 20 at 10/9c.

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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.