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Driver Juan Pablo Montoya’s car hits a jet drier at Monday’s NASCAR Daytona 500. (Rob Sweeten/AP Images)

Top Gear UK called Monday’s Daytona 500 fireball explosion one of “the most dramatic, not to say, bizarre, motor racing accidents ever.”

In the first race on the 2012 NASCAR circuit, which had been delayed more than a full day because of heavy rains, driver Juan Pablo Montoya slammed into a track-drying truck, which can hold up to 200 gallons of jet fuel.

“In retrospect, not something you want anywhere near a racing car,” writes, but still,  “it’s not like anything is ever going to hit it while the yellow flags are out.”

One of the sites’ commenters quipped, “the odds of crashing into a jet truck are Juan in a million.”

Even more astounding, perhaps, is the fact that no one was hurt.

Associated Press sports columnist Jim Litke wrote: “The Daytona 500 wasn’t just delayed. It was a flat-out disaster.”

But he urged NASCAR to look at “the silver lining” – the race’s inadvertent scheduling move to Monday night gave “America’s No. 2 sport” a big boost.

Most folks, however, viewed it the way Top Gear did, needing no prompting to focus on the “silver lining.”

“Short of having a bunch of bikini-clad Victoria’s Secret models appear from inside this inferno, we cannot think of any way NASCAR could have put on a better show last night,” the website wrote. “Rumors are already circulating that the showbizzy NASCAR bosses might have hired Michael Bay as creative director.”

• We’re not sure whether our leg is being pulled or if a musician named Chris TT really is making an entire album of songs based around Jeremy Clarkson, but that’s what the guy who’s making the album cover claims. Here’s his time-lapse photography of the artwork:

• The previous story recalled a musical item from a while back. Jeremy Clarkson has been called lots of things, but rap artist generally isn’t one of them. Funny or Die’s British site made an attempt to rectify that:

Jeremy Clarkson Beatbox – Swede Mason – watch more funny videos


• Finally, a video of one very fortunate pedestrian.

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