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“Oh yeah,” scoff the craftspeople, “it would be SO easy to make Doctor Who toys. It’s a family TV show, based around science-fiction, why wouldn’t you make toys? Except that’s what everyone else does. I go my own way, much like the Doctor himself, and that is why I have decided to make this special K9 dog mask, and price it at the $100 mark. That’ll show those pesky kids.”

Here are six items which have come from the same basic impulse:

1: Peg People

Gawd bless Etsy and all of the eccentric creatives that do dwell there. All eleven Doctors, represented as mouthless wooden peg people, some with hats, some with painted hair, some woollen. I can’t think of a decent use for them, except (and this is the sign of the true Whovian) I would REALLY like to have a play.

2: Don’t Blink Eye Chart

Well it’s one way for opticians to make sure their patients are paying attention. (via Etsy)

3: Nesting Dolls

Molly Lewis
made these for her boyfriend as a Christmas present, and then tweeted about it. And then Whovians the world over got very excited because a) they are beautiful and b) there are quite so many of them, going all the way back to the First Doctor.

4: Busts

This is not a new thing. The Greeks and Romans put busts of their favorite gods and emperors on plinths. They even colored them in, although the paint has worn off over time, which is why it looks as though none of the statues have irises. And these merchandise busts do share a common problem with their classical counterparts, namely that they’re at their best when you’re not particularly familiar with the real people on display. I mean we’ve seen John Simm playing the Master, haven’t we? Does he really look like this? Exactly.

5: Chess Set

Not the only Whovian chess set available, but this Danbury Mint original, made with the Fourth Doctor in mind (hence his appearance as King, with Leela as his queen), features most of the classic show’s key personnel. Although I’m not sure the Daleks would be happy to be considered pawns. Speaking of whom…

6: Dalek Cruet Set

Hats off to anyone who takes a beloved TV monster, the design of which was based on a cruet set, and decides to make them into a cruet set. That’s the kind of circular logic that will only end with the installation of TARDIS-shaped phone boxes on British streets, or the development of a screwdriver in the shape of a sonic screwdriver. Well done everyone!


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By Fraser McAlpine